Conversations about Ships (2010, 20 min, 16mm film/ video, color)

In the ninth decade of his life, a former merchant sailor recounts to his granddaughter stories of his maritime adventures on the world’s oceans in the 1930s. The filmmaker – his granddaughter – romanticizes the time period but also questions her grandfather’s fearlessness and great luck, comparing these characteristics to her own traumatic experiences of water. Partially filmed at the Philadelphia shipyards where her grandfather was once in port during a heat wave in the summer of 1933, this poetic documentary reveals common and divergent cross-generational experiences through storytelling and conversation.


Director, Producer, Cinematographer: Rini Yun Keagy

Editors: Chris Chan Lee, Rini Yun Keagy

Additional Camera: Seth Mulliken, Chris Chan Lee, Ted Passon

Original Music: Ceiri Torjussen


Commissioned for WYBE: MindTV/Media Independence Philadelphia Stories 7 New Programs, 2009


Broadcast ongoing:                                                                              regional broadcast


Screened at Scribe Video Center's Storyville Screening Series, Philadelphia PA, 2010


WYBE: MiND TV/ Media Independence,