Recipient of the 15th Annual National Geographic Society Award in Cartography, 1996

(once upon a time I was a cartographer)


The map Unusual Fruits of Indonesia was inspired by my studies in Indonesia. The map incorporates the geographic portrayal of the main Indonesian islands with data in the form of pie charts. The fruits are illustrated in a style invoking the first botanical expeditions. In this vein, the name of the map reflects a western-subjectivity, as the fruits would not be 'unusual’ but common to Indonesians. Similarly, I included the family and species of the fruits in their Latin names, as well as brief descriptions of the fruits with historical, biogeographical, and folkloric references.  Despite the old world style of the map, its data reflect production statistics from 1986 and it functions as a modern thematic map. The fruits, islands, frame, and north star of the map are all drawn by hand. The lettering, pie graphs, and legend were generated on a computer then fitted to the map and added in the form of appliqué.


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